Vindico Medical Education Launches First Simulation Using Edocate’s Virtual Patient Simulation (VPS) Technology

Novemer 16, 2023

Thorofare, NJ – Vindico Medical Education, A Wyanoke Company, is excited to launch “Atopic Dermatitis for All Ages: A Simulation on Targeted Systemic Therapies,” which is their first activity to be created with Edocate’s VPS platform.

This simulation challenges healthcare providers to make clinical decisions while immersed in 3 increasingly challenging realistic clinical scenarios. By providing immediate feedback, learners can build confidence while sharpening their clinical decision-making skills. Participants can claim 1.50 continuing education credits now through October 30, 2024.

“Edocate simulation platform turns theory into practice in real-life scenarios with varying difficulties, where learners apply knowledge, practice decision-making skills, and enhance their confidence,” says Jonathan Lorber, Co-Founder and CEO at Edocate. “Edocate’s simulation platform is based on a ‘Learning-by-Doing’ method, enabling you to learn from your mistakes and observing the impact your decisions had on patient outcomes within this risk-free environment.”

“Aside from the immersive learning experience, the Edocate VPS platform provides a deep understanding of clinicians’ preferences,” says Katie Robinson PhD, CHCP, Senior Director, Outcomes and Analytics, at Vindico Medical Education. “Such actionable insights can be used to identify persisting gaps in knowledge or behaviors that can lay the foundation for future continuing education.”

To participate in the “Atopic Dermatitis for All Ages: A Simulation on Targeted Systemic Therapies” activity, which is supported by an educational grant from Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, please visit this link.

For more information regarding Vindico’s unique simulation, contact Robert A. Esgro, Chief Operating Officer, Vindico Medical Education.


About Edocate

Six years ago, the Edocate team set out to transform the way in which healthcare professionals are engaged with medical education and how medical education is measured and evaluated. The result was their Virtual Patient Simulation (VPS) platform. This VPS technology enables Edocate’s partners to easily create their own cases and engage healthcare professionals with interactive virtual patient simulations. This technology immerses the learner in an evidence-based learning experience while refining clinical decision-making skills and improving compliance with medical guidelines. Edocate’s Data Analytics Dashboard provides insights into healthcare professionals’ decision-making, prescription patterns, guideline compliance, and behavior change. Edocate offers a unique experience to learners through its personalized VPS learning model and unlimited clinical decisions.